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WOD Tuesday Barbell Club


WOD Tuesday Barbell Club

Bluprint Fitness – Bluprint Barbell Club


Warm-up (No Measure)

3 Min Run/Row/Ride

PT/Spider Lunge/Lateral Leg Swing 2×10/10/5e (30s)

Power Clean + FS + Split Jerk: [email protected] (30s)


1: Clean and Jerk (Heat Check )

[email protected], [email protected]%, [email protected]%, [email protected], Then [email protected]%, [email protected]%, [email protected]%, [email protected]% IF Applicable

*1-2 Min Rest

*20 Minutes to Establish 1RM for the Day

*MAX 2 Close Misses

2: Snatch (Power Snatch + OHS )

[email protected], [email protected]%, Then 3×[email protected]/70/75%

*1-2 Min Rest

*12-Minutes Based On 1RM Snatch


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

10 Inverted Row (Fixed Barbell w/ Various Hts)

60s Max Burpee

*3 Rounds – 1 Min Rest – Record Reps

Cool Down

Hollow/Arch Hold (2-3x20s Each)

*1 Min Rest


Lax Ball Forearm Smash (1 Min Each)

Lax Ball QL Smash (1 Min Each)

Lying Figure 4 Stretch (1 Min Each)

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