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My goal is to use health and fitness to better the lives of others, in and out of the gym.

Being active has never been a problem for Pat. Growing up, he played baseball, football and lacrosse, but college had a focus on education over sports. He stuck to the traditional upper body, abs and leg days at the local gym, but it was hard to stay focused. Following a traditional path to fitness, he started doing running races and triathlons. Not seeing the results he wanted, he poked around the CrossFit waters and fell in head first. After that first gulp of CrossFit Kool-Aid, his focus shifted towards helping others achieve their fitness goals. Not happy with the common views on health, fitness and nutrition, Pat spends a lot of his time self-educating about smart training, clean eating and overall health systems.

  • CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
  • CrossFit Specialty Courses
    • Mobility
  • Concept 2 Certified Instructor (Rowing)
  • BS in Manufacturing Engineering (Bradley University)