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CrossFit at Bluprint Fitness is known for it’s ability to challenge athletes with industry leading coaching, a fun atmosphere, and in-house integrative programming.

Our CrossFit is the best of all fitness worlds. We take what works from philosophies like strength & conditioning, gymnastics, and various sports to create a program that increases fitness, health, and builds badass individuals.

Learn how to do a pull-up, run faster, get stronger, and look better doing it. The sky is the limit!


Metcon: (short for metabolic conditioning) refers to a style of workout that uses various work-to-rest patterns to elicit a specific response. In the case of the Metcon class at Bluprint Fitness, this response is 1) sweat, 2) burn calories, 3) get fit.

Think of Metcon as a new age boot camp – known for its fun programming and camaraderie. This cardio-focused class is for all levels of athletes and uses bodyweight movements, kettle bells, dumbbells and medicine balls to create a program that helps get you in awesome shape!

Tabatas, Interval Weight Training, AMRAPs, 45/15 Circuits, and a bunch of other routines will keep your body and mind entertained while you crush your health & fitness goals!

Training Camp


Training Camp at Bluprint Fitness is known for its attention to detail and its ability to take all levels of athletes (from beginner to advanced) and prepare them for group classes.

Our Training Camp program is form focused and takes place in a controlled setting with a low Coach-to-Athlete ration – meaning as an incoming Bluprint athlete, you get a lot of 1-on-1 attention.

It’s fun, challenging, safe, and a great way to start to your fitness journey!

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Committed Club

com·mit·ted (adjective) – feeling dedication and loyalty to a cause, activity, or job; wholeheartedly dedicated.

Bluprint’s Committed Club is a distinguished group of athletes who make their health & fitness a priority and consistently show up to work. It takes A LOT of effort to make a healthy habit of working out on a regular basis and we want to recognize and reward those of you that do it well.

How To Be IN The Committed Club Step

  1. Average 4+ Classes Each Week (17+/month) Step
  2. Consistently Complete Prescribed Mobility Each Class Attended Step
  3. Positive Attitude & Outlook

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Indoor Rowing


Indoor Rowing at Bluprint Fitness is known for its form focus, knowledgeable coaching, and atmosphere of hard work.

This endurance based class is for all levels of athletes and uses Concept 2 Ergs to improve your cardio and challenge your fitness with a low-impact activity.

Whether your focus is to improve your 2k time or to get a good workout, Indoor Rowing at Bluprint Fitness is a great way to get your sweat on.



Barbell Club at Bluprint Fitness is all about getting strong. Its known for its comprehensive programming, its unique community, and its ability to make athletes strong AF!

This strength-focused class uses the barbell and various strength & conditioning techniques to create strong individuals who are ready to take on anything.

Improve your technique on Olympic lifts, get stronger on Power Lifts, and get strong in a fun, no BS atmosphere.



Bluprint Fitness is one of the only CrossFit Facilities that offers an Open Gym Only Membership. With over 5400 square feet and over 35 hours of Open Gym times; and Open Gym membership gives the busy professional or the season CrossFitter the flexibility to workout on their own schedule. Open Gym Memberships include access to Open Gym times, ALL Bluprint Fitness programming and Wodify, our results tracking software.

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Personal Training at Bluprint Fitness is all about life changing transformations. Our Personal Training program is known for its life coaching, attention to detail, and ability to create a lifestyle of health & fitness.

Bluprint’s Coaches have 15 plus years of experience training everyone from the busy mother of three to the retired professional who wants to age with a high quality of life.

IF you are looking to reinvent your mindset and create a transformation in your body, Personal Training at Bluprint Fitness will help you improve your lifestyle.


Check out the schedule, email us, and choose a drop in package.

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