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Open Gym

The DETAILS needed to make Open Gym run smoothly.

The Schedule: As you all know, creating a smooth gym experience requires a lot of behind the scenes work outside of class coaching. There are only a few hours during the day that Bluprint coaches can count on uninterrupted administrative work. We ask that this be respected so the gym can continue to run smoothly. Below are the regular scheduled Open Gym hours. This can also be seen on Wodify and on Bluprint’s website HERE.

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Reserve/Sign-In: Open Gym is treated just like a class when it comes to reserving your spot in advance and signing in when you attend. Make sure to do both when jumping into Open Gym.

Clean-Up: Make sure any equipment used is wiped down and/or put back into where it belongs after you finish your workout during Open Gym. Leave no traces. P.S. Chalk belongs in the bucket and on your hands, NOT all over the floor.

Coaching Availability: Open Gym hours are un-coached hours within the gym. Bluprint coaches are here to answer some questions pertaining to the workout, but are not able to “teach” the intricacies of movements in detail. IF you are trying to learn a new skill or improve on something, it’s highly recommended that you attend classes with that movement involved or schedule a 1-on-1 Skill Session with a coach.

Open Gym Access: Athletes who have a Gold Membership, an Open Gym Membership, or the Open Gym “add-on” option have access to Open Gym.

Best Uses: Open Gym is a great time to put some extra work in. Here are some things to get done during Open Gym in no particular order – 1) make up a missed class, 2) do a mobility/recovery focused workout, 4) work on a skill you’ve previously practiced with coaching, 5) do some extra conditioning work, or 6) follow person specific programming.

Hope this helps anyone taking advantage of the 38+ hours of Open Gym each week at Bluprint Fitness.

Here’s to getting better on a regular basis!