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How-To: Bring A Friend


I think we can all agree that working out with friends is a blast – and here’s how to introduce your guest to Bluprint Fitness!

Steps To Bring A Friend

Step 1: CC guest on an email to [email protected] with an informal introduction at least 24-hours prior to class. Have them reply to the email answering the following 3 questions:

A. What is your current workout routine?

B. Do you have any injuries or health restrictions?

C. Have you ever taken a Metcon, CrossFit, or Rowing class?

Step 2: Inform your guest there will be a waiver to fill out prior to class and to arrive a few minutes early.

Step 3: Have Fun!

Guest Pass Rules:

1. BluCru athletes must attend the same class as guest.

2. There is a minimum of a 24-hour notice of potential class guest.

3. Guest have access to Metcon and Rowing classes. Only exception to this rule is if guest has adequate CrossFit experience. This experience level is evaluated by the sole discretion of Bluprint coaches.

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P.S. We are excited to meet your guest – if they hang with you, they’re probably pretty cool!