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Get Started

Step 1

Email/Call us to schedule a complimentary “fitness assessment”. The assessment will take 45-60 minutes and include: goal setting, movement screen, health history assessment, body fat test, and general Q&A.

Step 2

Complete one of Bluprint's On-Ramp Options (See below: Hybrid, Class Only, or PT Only Options).

Step 3

Pick a membership plan that works best for you and tell your friends you’re about to get in the best shape of our life!

Entry To Bluprint Fitness 2.0

Joining Bluprint Fitness is a transformation commitment. A transformation that will improve your relationships, attitude, appearance, and well-being.
 At Bluprint Fitness, we believe in introducing athletes to the gym in a fun, safe, and effective way that creates long-term success. Experience has shown that it’s going to take us 4 weeks to get you ready and another 8 weeks to transform your habits. To accommodate specific needs, we use a 2 Option On-Ramp.

The objectives both On-Ramp options are as follows:

  • Safely progress athletes to be awesome
  • Help athletes learn pacing and gears
  • Expose athletes to a wide variety of movement patterns
  • Expose athletes to different programming methods

  • Introduce athletes to class flow
  • Teaching the importance of mobility
  • Build athletes’ work capacity
  • Build athletes’ foundational strength



Initial Commitment – 3 Months

This starts with Bluprint’s Class On-Ramp Month of unlimited Training Camp, Rowing, and Metcon classes. Within this first month, you are expected to attend 10+ classes to insure a smooth transition into CrossFit programming. Month 2 & 3 you’ll have unlimited class access to all core programs at Bluprint Fitness – including CrossFit. This will insure proper progression and expose you to the different methods used in the Bluprint programming model. (Note: If you have substantial CF experience prior to joining Bluprint Fitness, your coach may opt you out of 3-Month Intro).


  • Month 1: $165 Unlimited (Training Camp, Metcon, Rowing, Open Gym)
  • Month 2: $165 Unlimited (CF Included – 25% Price Break)
  • Month 3: $165 Unlimited (CF Included – 25% Price Break)


Initial Commitment – 3 Months

This is Bluprint’s Personal Training On-Ramp and starts by completing 10 personal training sessions with a Bluprint Coach within the first month. You will then join regular classes of your choice (CrossFit, Metcon, Rowing, etc.) months 2 and 3. You’ll work 1-on-1 with one of Bluprint’s certified coaches in an effort to get you ready for regular classes. This is the most detailed of all the programs – providing individualized programming needs that meet you where your current health & fitness levels stand. You can check out the Bluprint Coaches HERE. 


  • Month 1: $60/Session (20% PT Price Break)
  • Month 2: $165 Unlimited (CF Included – 25% Price Break)
  • Month 3: $165 Unlimited (CF Included – 25% Price Break)

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