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Choosing A Gym

Chances are, you’ve checked out A LOT of gyms in the past, only to find that there are so many options to choose from. So what should you look for in a gym of our sorts? What makes Bluprint different from the rest?

Options That Keep You Motivated

CrossFit, Personal Training, Metcon HIIT, Skill Sessions, and Rowing are some of the core options at Bluprint. These tried & true programs are enhanced by specialty classes (Barbell Club, CrossFit Open Prep, etc.) and periodic challenges that keep you engaged and motivated year-round. Whether your goal is general fitness or enhancing a specific skill set, Bluprint offers that and more.

People Make Bluprint Great

You’ll learn from the moment you step foot inside of Bluprint Fitness that the people are different. They truly care about your success, welcome you in class, and add an energy that motivates you to work hard. This type of engagement creates long-term friendships and makes class the best hour of your day!

In-House Programming That WORKS!

In today’s CrossFit world, the art of programming has been lost. Many gyms just take standard programming from the CrossFit headquarters, not taking into account the fact that their group of athletes is unique. Bluprint’s custom, in-house programming model is progressive, fun, safe, and pushes you to challenge yourself on a regular basis. Our programming produces consistent results for our members that keep them coming back!

A Clean CrossFit?

No one wants to deal with sweaty equipment or a disorganized facility. Unfortunately, this is common with many gym environments. However, this is something you will NEVER have to endure at Bluprint. We have been dedicated from day 1 to providing an immaculately clean, organized, and safe environment so that you can concentrate on what you are here for – getting a great working and getting results!

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